Sunday, May 15, 2011

2nd attempt !

Now , I deleted one blog ! :D
Let's see if this works , or I should say if I Know how 
to do it !!
I just made this blog ; I didn't have one before because I 
feel I don't have that much to say ! and I still feel that way ! 
Here is a picture of my mom from 1949 ; she passed away in 
1978 . I love this picture ! I got married in 2004 , and yes , he

has a Harley !  We love to ride as much as God allows us to , 
especially in the Smoky Mountains ! We love Tennessee !! 
Here are 2 reasons I am not ready to leave Indiana yet : 

Sophie and Mason ! And Lake Michigan ; however , the mountains 
are more LOVELY ! So ........ 

Go to this website for a FABULOUS giveaway !!  1 Choice 4 Quilting . I joined 
a quilt along and it turns out she is from around here !

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  1. What great pics! Welcome to blogging! If nothing else, it's a place to categorize your pics!