Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dr Seuss Picnic Blanket


I made this for my grandkids ; do I have a picture of THEM with it -- NO !!!
They have used it on inside picnics and to play on ,
but it has not made it on an OUTSIDE picnic, since my daughter
thinks it's "TOO NICE" to put on the ground . I told her there is always next year and
that is what I  made it for !  ( I still have not returned it to them ..... yet ............. the
bright colors make me HAPPY! )  My grandson has used it as a bed quilt , so it's getting
used and loved on !!
The pattern is from AMY ELLIS's book , Modern Basics ; Posi Patch . I changed the layout
a little and left the applique off . This was the 1st quilt that I hand sewed the binding on . I did not
enjoy this process ; it frustrated me ! and I feel it's not as secure as machine stitching both sides .
So to save me time and further frustrations , I will be machine stitching bindings !!! Also , I;m not
a fan of hand stitching much of anything .................... I like to get done quicker !!

there are some more pictures of it on FLICKR

I'm not into blogging and not that good at it yet !
Thanks Amy for another blogging festival !!!!


  1. Very pretty and bright quilt Mickey! It would make me happy too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. -very special and beautiful, thanks for sharing ☺

  3. Love the bright colors! This one is truly a beauty! Tell 'em to use it and love it! Wonderful!

  4. I love your quilt, it's so bright a beautiful.

  5. I am with you, it gets done alot quicker with machine quilting.

    Love your project!!

  6. What a bright vibrant quilt. How sweet your grandchildren love it so much. Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  7. Love it! So bright and cheerful. :)

  8. Bright and happy - thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Love the bright colors. You might say I am a Harley Wife, also, but I don't ride. Sweetie ride a HD Electra Glide Standard. I drive along in the car and pull the bunkhouse. We are members of CMA -- are you? We go to "Colors" every October -- such a wonderful time admiring the fall colors and worshiping the Lord.