Monday, January 16, 2012

this is what I've been doing (finally !)

 Happy Monday ALL ! ! ! ! !
Here are some things I got done this week ; I finally got some sewing done and I am HAPPY !!! 

I got my Giant Vintage Star Quilt top done !  I made it with my Central Park stash that I have been 'coveting' !!! I saw it here : 

which led me to the tutorial here :

I also completed my QAL blocks for :

I am going to redo the block in the bottom left corner ; too busy ! going to use WHITE for the background !!! 

thanks for visitng ! 

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 Here is my flickr link ; I usually do my linking there ; but am trying to use my blog more !!! :D




  1. Great blocks, and that star quilt is awesome. Congratulations on getting some sewing time!

  2. Beautiful, and congrats on getting it done, I know it is a good feeling!

  3. That quilt is going to be beautiful!

  4. oh its gorgeous, its reminded me I want to make one :)

  5. Holy smokes! What a productive week! I am feeling like such a slacker now.

  6. Everything looks so great!! Congrats on a productive week :)

  7. What great blocks and your star looks perfect with those fabrics! Great work!

  8. Your blocks look wonderful and yep, you did have a productive week~