Monday, July 9, 2012

Finally !!! some sewing !!!

I have not been doing any sewing since the end of May . However , FINALLY !!!! , I got back at it ! 
I made some promises to some , and now , it's all piled up and needs to be done !!! YAY for pressure ! And then , I saw this post as I was cruising the internet , INSTEAD of sewing ! ( ha )

It's Amy Creative Side ONE THING , ONE WEEK CHALLENGE !!  I knew it was time to get serious . Even though I saw it late in the week , I posted !! ( thanks Amy !) 

Here is what I accomplished : 

-- 3 zipper pouches out of some prequilted fabric bought a long , long time ago !
--  Repurposed 2 pair of jeans into capris ( and had to do some adjustments in the fit !) ( Couldn't find any in my size at Kohl's big sale and I had a 30% off on top of that ; however , I did get a good deal on 2 pair of jeans for hubby for work !! )
-- AND a big pile ( 17 ) of flannel burp rags cut out and all ready to be sewn TODAY !!!! 

After the burp rags are done , I will be starting to make shorts for boys for Kristy's monthly project ; see her blogpost here !!

You can get a free download of an awesome shorts pattern from Fishticks Designs for FREE if you help out !!! 

Now , I must get OFF THE COMPUTER , take a shower AND THEN GET BUSY SEWING !!!  

THANKS for stopping by ! and PLEASE PLEASE consider making some shorts for some boys in Cambodia -- they really need them !!!  
Have a wonderful and blessed day !!  

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  1. Hey! Have I told you lately that I think YOU ROCK???? :) Thanks for all of your amazing support!